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DevOps,CloudOps, SysOps


DevOps is an amalgamation of ideas, practices, and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services rapidly. Adopting Devops often changes an organization’s software development culture, and often results in incredible productivity spurts.
Netzary helps organizations traverse through this cultural change, in a conducive, adaptive, SLA driven service model.
We deliver the same using best of breed open source software.
Talk to us, how we can deliver a Zero License cost Devops environment in your organization.
Cloud Ops

Cloud Ops or Cloud operations is the process of architecting, managing and maintaining your cloud infrastructure. We do that across multiple platforms including AWS, Azure, GCP and E2E Cloud. We deliver it the Hybrid way.
We believe that no single cloud provider can offer the optimal cloud solution, and advises our customers to look at hybrid cloud models.
We offer support 24x7. Our services include not just architecting cloud solutions, but also integrating and maintaining them.

System Operations is the original service which was offered by Netzary to our enterprise customers in our early days. We still continue offering a very wide range of systems operations including consulting, infrastructure monitoring, maintenance and change management.
Our SysOps delivery style is ITIL compliant, which is a set of thorough guidelines for IT service management (ITSM) that concentrates on aligning business goals with IT services.