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Cloud Cost Optimization Services

S&P Global Market Intelligence's 451 Research in a report, says that Organizations around the world have overspend to the tune of $21 billion in not optimized cloud spendings in 2021.

Year 2022, that number would be $ 29 billion says estimates.

Netzary specializes in the business of Cloud Cost Optimization. And we do have the biggest range and the largest collections of Swiss knives that we can draw on your behalf.

There are 10 steps we usually take. And many depend on customer's policies and liabilities.

1) Our partnership with Close to Bare Metal pricing vendors

We take immense pride in partnerships with vendors such as E2E Networks in India. E2E  is able to offer Virtual Instances at prices close to what a co-location vendor would have billed. Their prices inclusive of their extra services is also comparable to Bare Metal Vendor prices.

We have similar partnerships across the globe. So depending on the region we can help you cut down the prices.

One of the fastest ways to cut your bills is to consider the options.

2) Our Experience in analyzing workloads.

We have hundreds of man years of experience in workload optimizations. We have saved customers millions of dollars doing so. Our methods are  unconventional and often described as maverick. Yet they have always delivered results.

3) We are good at off-the-price lists negotiations

Our relationships spans across several cloud vendors, and we have worked with some of the largest users. These gives us two advantages. 1) We know people who matter, who can help you with credits and rebates 2) We know how larger players have cut costs.

4) We can cut your managed services bills

Biggest advantage of modern cloud platforms is the simpler managed services they throw in. While we are huge fans of many of those, they do pick a hole in your pockets. Our expertise across 100 plus software stacks, makes it cheaper for you to take our help and cut down those bills.

5) Multi Cloud Hybrid Model is the Solution

According to the report from S&P, 17% of the users they interviewed cut down their costs with the multi-cloud approach. We specialize in multi-cloud. 40% of workloads we run were multi-cloud and true hybrid in Q4 2022.

Worried about your AWS or Azure or GCP bills. Want to know how they can be shaved? We have both the foam and the razor.

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