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Customized Software Development

Digital transformation is a game changer for the future of enterprises globally.

With Digital Transformation, businesses need to become more adaptive. The future is unpredictable and successful businesses are powered by data. With compelling stories as a guide, we can lead our business to transform from an age of paper into one of bits and pixels.

We help our customers cut down costs, create new revenue streams and build profits via digital transformation. We help them harness the power of technology to deliver results that they have always yearned for.

Have you embarked on your digital transformation journey? Do you need someone to guide you? Do you need a partner who can automate the repetitive and predictable, help you empower your teams. Please read on.

Full Stack Software Development Services

We are a leading Full Stack Software Service team consisting of passionate geeks. We build solutions that are scalable, flexible, robust and reliable.Full Stack Software Development means we build for the web as well as for any device irrespective of the footprint it covers.

We offer customized software development services in domains such as Web, Mobile, Data Sciences, Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Application Integration. We have more than a decade of experience in the industry.

Having delivered 150 plus software projects, coding 7 million plus lines of production quality code and having integrated several hundred applications, we are proud to state that we can deliver solutions in almost all major business verticals.

We have successful digital transformation stories in around 8 different business domains.We are quick to grasp your requirements, and agile enough to adapt to most situations.

We modernize your business applications and we integrate your existing business applications and processes

And how we transform your business

We transform your business into a digital platform which provides you the cutting edge, because we ourselves have invested in the best of breed technologies as tools to help you in this journey.

We have extensive experience in Python programming languages and associated technologies and frameworks such as Django, FASTAPI, TensorFlow, Apache Superset, Flask, Starlite, Keras, EDX among others.

We use these in building robust backend frameworks to be the backbone of your digital business platforms.

Our front end development teams have mastery in ReactJS, NextJS, modern CSS frameworks and Progress Web Application design. This helps us build front end applications that are fast to be developed and faster to load.

We also have considerable experience in building responsive mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms. We use Flutter, a hybrid framework to build these applications. In case customers require applications that need features that are native to the mobile operating systems, we offer native mobile application development in Android and iOS with tools such as Kotlin, Swift and Objective C.

Data – the new oil

We have considerable experience in data sciences and data engineering. We believe that organizations big and small can move forward rapidly by making best use of data created in house.

So whether it’s carving intelligence from email systems, proprietary software systems or from existing applications we provide services that help customers take advantage of existing data in whichever format it exists.

We build rich interactive dashboards for customers on these processed and engineered data. We help them discover customers and new opportunities from this information. We help our customers deep-sell to their customers with new created intelligence.

Make IT Work

Make IT Work is our motto. And we get IT to work because a vast majority of technologies we work with are born in the free and open source world. With lesser costs, wider community support and more transparency we inherit an ecosystem that lowers cost of ownership considerably. We pass on this benefit to our customers.