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Why Should You Outsource DevOps & ITOps?

Even if your core business is technology it makes sense to leave the Development and IT operations to an expert.Why outsource operations if you can simply hire operations engineers and administrators and build and maintain your own infrastructure?

The 24x7x365 nature
These technology operations are once a business is set in, a matter of a few hours in a month. But then you never know when those hours are. You don’t know when a server crashes or slows down, or when an application throws up an issue. This can be on Saturday late evening, and you need both virtual and real eyes monitoring your systems.

DevOps engineers are expensive

DevOps engineers will cost you anything from $ 60,000 to $ 175,000 a year. And he is not even available all the time. But we keep an army of engineers. Multi-skilled, different sets of experience. Not every problem requires high level expertise to solve. These engineers also cost us money. But we have many customers like you, and we amortize their costs.
We manage Attrition Better

IT Support services of different forms are our core business. We are always on the lookout for  professionals specialized in DevOps and ITOps. Latest studies from IDG shows that key employees leave because of boredom. In most circumstances work loads for a pedigree Devops engineer will be inconsistent.

So why wait? Talk to us.