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ReactJS Development

Reactive programming is a paradigm that offers many advantages when compared to traditional approaches.

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It was created in 2014 by Facebook and Instagram engineers Joshue O'Connor, Adrian Boom, and Jordan Walke . A library for building user interfaces, React is now maintained by a community of developers. React allows you to build scalable, reusable components that are easy to test and maintain.

Syntactically similar to that of AngularJS which was released in 2011, but differs in several ways as well, React is today perceived as the No 1 Javascript based front end tooling library and framework.

Instead of employing templating languages React offers an approach where the code is built on a virtual DOM concept. This means the developer doesn't need to write any markup at all! Also compared to earlier approaches such as JQuery and other frameworks which used to manipulate the DOM, React code works very efficiently.

Why must you choose ReactJS as a Frontend Framework?

With its declarative nature, you can declare your UI components in a single place instead of spreading it across multiple files or folders with different concerns. This removes much complexity from your code base!

Since ReactJS uses a component based approach, reusability of code is very high. This aids rapid application development.

Apart from Facebook companies like Airbnb, Yahoo!Instagram, Uber, Flipkart, Bloomberg are among thousands of large technology companies that are using React to build their applications.

As creating large applications with multiple integrations is a complex task, React and its modular and flexible architecture, with independent components help reduce both complexity and increase reusability. With faster rendering larger sets of users can use applications created by React more efficiently.

React aids strong SEO compared to other JS frameworks. Most JS frameworks create pages that are unreadable to most search engines, and this brings down your website searchability.

ReactJS has been the top JS frameworks for almost half a decade, and hence there’s a plethora of choices in terms of tools for creating, debugging and maintaining React code.

Having a fault-tolerant frontend is the requirement of every organization, and since code for each unit can be independently maintained within a React application it’s easier to do unit testing of the code.

Though controlled by Facebook React gets almost 1500 new contributions daily to it’s ecosystem in terms of both software code and helpful content.

In addition to web development React with its React Native avatar makes hybrid mobile development a breeze.

React.js has a stable core that uses downward data flow. Even when developers start tweaking the app’s structure, all other elements remain unchanged, allowing you to make amendments as you proceed with the development. All these stability combined make React.js a favorable choice for business apps that value stability and user-friendliness above anything else.

React being the world's most popular front end tooling framework, more developer talent pool is available for software development.

Why must you choose Netzary for your next React project?

Over the past 4 years Netzary has used ReactJS inaround 18 successfully completed projects, of which 4 are of large scale. Our code repositories have close to half a million lines of ReactJS code exclusive of tests and mockups.

Apart from React Core we have a very good grasp of over 100 React tools and plugins. We have contributed both code and bug fixes to several of them.

We have collectively around 18 man years of ReactJS development within our team at Bangalore, India.

Apart from our current talent pool, we have the ability to source developers for larger projects through our competent talent search teams.

If you are looking for front end tooling, rapid development of web applications, and building progressive web applications, React is a great choice in technology. And Netzary is the ideal partner for your needs.