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Storage on Cloud, Premises and the edge-- Hybrid

Storage on the Cloud

Netzary offers storage off the cloud across five providers, offering a hybrid cloud storage model. We offer both object and block storage across 5 popular cloud platforms ensuring a balance between security, performance and cost.
We offer workflow automation for all types of cloud storage across all platforms. We monitor, maintain and manage your cloud backup and storage.

Storage on Premise
We have partnerships with Dell, Netapp, Hitachi and HP to offer their nest of breed SAN, NAS, Unified Storage both on spin drives as well as Flash. Our team has maintained Petabytes of storage and implement a wide range of software solutions on enterprise storage.

Storage at the Edge
Storage at the edge is a single component of a larger set of storage strategies for backing up and preserving valuable data. Storage at the edge has to do with connecting and backing up devices that are more portable or used in the field, such as small tablets or notebook computers, as well as digital cameras and similar devices.
Storage at the edge is also known as edge storage.
Protection from ransomware is a primary concern for organizations today. W offer a unique approach to ensure that attackers cannot compromise the backup data, allowing organizations to be confident that they can restore the affected primary storage and avoid paying ugly ransoms.

And Hybrid
Hybrid storage offers a single pane window for you to manage storage on both cloud, edge as well on premises.
We specialize in Hybrid storage.